As a Galveston wedding planner, two of my favorite venues on the island are The Bryan Museum Conservatory and Sacred Heart Catholic Church! They’re both elegant and unique, so I cannot believe it took me so long to share Jenna and Nathan’s classic Galveston wedding! I think I kept putting it on the back burner because I could never decide on which photos to share… I absolutely love all of them! J+N were amazing clients, and Jenna is one of the most organized Brides I’ve met. Click Here to read her review of our time working as her Galveston wedding planner!

J+N’s Galveston wedding was featured on B.E. Publishing, so I’ll share their interview below!

Nate and Jenna’s wedding is exactly what we look for in wedding submissions. What are the qualifications, you ask? Beautiful imagery that is true to color—or close to it—and a strong sense of chemistry and love between the couple. Below is our digital interview with the two, and their answers are bound to put a smile on your face.

How did you meet? We have technically known each other for 11 years. We met our senior year of high school, but we weren’t anything more than classmates. We ran into each other 9 years later on Clear Lake, and the rest just fell into place!

Can you pinpoint when you knew you would get married? We both agreed, within about 4 months of dating. I would say there wasn’t a “fall,” we just hit a moment when it became very clear that this love was easy. There was no forcing it, and it felt as natural as breathing.

Did you read traditional vows or write your own? We married in the Catholic church, so we used the vows that are said in a traditional mass. We loved it, because we meant every word in it! But we did write each other letters that were exchanged before Mass that were everything we wanted to say to one another, just not in front of the crowd!

What were your favorite moments of the day? You know, the one’s you’ll remember 50 years from now. Nate: Our first look/prayer time together, walking into the reception and showing Jenna off, and our first dance together. Jenna: Getting to receive communion and worship together at Mass, our first look, and eating our dinner together in the bride’s room before the reception. I think the moments when we were mostly just alone together were my favorite.

What were a few meaningful details—specific to the two of you— did you in your wedding? The songs we picked for Mass were personal. We also carried each others’ rosaries-his in my bouquet and mine in his pocket. We arranged for time to pray together int he church before everyone arrived. Our cake topper was my favorite. It was just two wooden rocking chairs on a blank white cake. We always talk about growing old together in our rocking chairs and the porch is our favorite place to talk. We decided to take out the “traditional” things that didn’t really seem to matter to us. We skipped the bouquet/garter toss and didn’t have a groom’s cake. It felt like it left us more time/energy to have fun & dance! It kept things simple.

Is there anything else you’d like to note about your love story? Nothing really. We feel like we’re pretty simple people, and we feel stupid lucky that we found each other. It’s kind of funny that we were right under each others’ noses the whole time & it took us almost 10 years to meet again. But we’re best friends, and it was worth the wait!

Tell us about your go-to date night. We love to try out new restaurants, but even if we hit up an old favorite, we always try to end the night at a coffee house, or somewhere with a porch/patio. That’s where we really get to talk and unwind. We both love going anywhere around Clear Lake because the variety is great and so is the seafood. It’s also where we were both living when we met, so many of our best dates & conversations happened around there. I am a school teacher, and a game I play with my students is called “Rose/Bud/Thorn.” You take turns sharing different parts of your day; Rose-the best part, Bud-something upcoming that hasn’t happened yet, but is “budding” and you’re looking forward to it, and Thorn—your chance to share a negative if you have one. I told Nate about this game when we were first dating. Being that he worked out of town a lot and we spent many nights on the phone, he started asking me to tell him a Rose/Bud/Thorn each night; we would share our day that way.

Photographer: Christine Gosch Photography 

Galveston Wedding Planner: Haylee Handly with Water to Wine Events 

Music: Royal Dukes Band 

Church: Sacred Heart Church in Galveston, TX

Reception: The Bryan Museum Conservatory 

Flowers: Flowers by Rosemary 

Catering: Chopin Mon Ami Catering

Invitation Suite: Sincerely Emma Designs

Calligraphy: Wofford Calligraphy

Programs & printed material: Christene Luong 

Hair & Makeup: Sunny Hair & Makeup

Dress & veil: Made by bride’s cousin

Suits: The Black Tux 

Bridesmaid dresses: Azazie & Kennedy Blue

July 21, 2019

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