“Day-of Coordination.” It’s a term some big-box wedding blogs have conditioned couples to believe they want, but in reality? It doesn’t exist; moreover; you don’t want it to!

The fact of the matter is that no Planner worth their weight, or experience, would ever convince you to hire them for just your wedding day. One day isn’t enough time for them to understand the plans you’ve made, or for you to fully trust in their ability to take the reigns. 

Just like most new or inexperienced planners, I too, was guilty of offering “day-of” coordination when I first started at a Houston Wedding Planner. Unfortunately, things never seemed to go just right. As a Planner, it’s in my nature to not only be hyper-organized, but as helpful to my brides and grooms as possible. I want to help you remember what details to account for. I want to help you feel confident that your wedding day will be beautiful and handled with care. I want to help you relax and enjoy your day with your new spouse, without being distracted with thoughts like “I think I forgot to tell my day-of coordinator about the caricature artist we hired for cocktail hour. . . and about the first look with my dad?! Do they know I want my champagne glasses on the head table and not the cake table??” Yes, those have happened. You’re starting to see why a “DOC” is not an option, right? So what is the solution when you want to handle most of the planning yourself?

Enter: Wedding Management.

Wedding Management is what I offer my clients as an elevated and meticulous alternative to “day-of” coordination. The most amazing benefit of Wedding Management is that you aren’t restricted to communication with your Houston wedding planner just 30 days before your wedding when most “day-of” coordinators enter the picture. I offer you unlimited email correspondence from the time you book to answer any question you have, ensure you don’t forget important details, and even create your preliminary timeline and floor plan early on in your planning so you know what to tell your vendor team if they have questions.

There are so many more benefits to Wedding Management that I couldn’t possibly list them all in just one blog post. You can learn more about the services we offer here, and click here to schedule a call and hear more about the details of Wedding Management. 

I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding and how we can work together! 

Cover photo of bride twirling in warehouse by Kristen Giles Photography

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December 24, 2022

What is Wedding Management? (and why “Day-of Coordination Doesn’t Exist.)

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