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I’m so excited to share that we have a guest on the blog today, Lilliam Ayala – owner of Lily Bridal Artistry – one of my favorite Houston hair and makeup artists!

I’ve worked with Lilly and her team of Houston wedding hair and makeup artists for professional projects, as well as my own H&MU! I can honestly say that my personal experience with LBA was the best I’ve had when it comes to having my hair and makeup professionally done. They listened to what I wanted, made suggestions without pushing me in another direction, and even took it a step further by helping me decipher exactly what it was I liked about different inspo-images I brought along. 

Today we’re talking about how to prepare for your hair & makeup trial, and some common mistakes to avoid making before your appointment. Let’s dive in!

Hey, Lilliam! Thank you so much for collaborating on this blog, and sharing your knowledge with our brides! Before we get started, could you tell us about yourself and how Lilly Bridal Artistry came to be?

We are Lilly Bridal Artistry. We service Houston, all surrounding areas in Texas and worldwide!  We started in 2017 where I found my love for the wedding community within the beauty industry. Our motto is “Less is more, but with a good lash to enhance the eyes.” We want all of our clients to feel beautiful in their own skin. We love diversity and we believe that everyone deserves to be pampered, especially on such a big life milestone. Whether it’s a wedding, maternity shoot, gala or even national charity league. We love all things soft and sophisticated with a touch of glam!

What a fun motto!  Tell me, how can brides prepare for their hair & makeup trial before the wedding day? 

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One thing we highly recommend our clients that we can emphasize enough, is make sure to hydrate A LOT. Whether you’re an oily gal, combination or dry. We always say: “If you don’t feel like a wet baby dolphin after your night skincare, then add more!” 

Make sure to also remove any unwanted hair before your appointment. Wax 3 days before your appointment to avoid any reactions before the appointment as well.

We know there are many different tips and tricks out there, but another thing we highly recommend is to wash your hair the night prior and fully blow dry it upside down. Yes, you heard me right, upside down blow drying! Not only will this create volume, but it will avoid any humidity trapped in your hair. Last thing you want to do is come to the appointment with damp hair, which will cause it to frizz up. We want to ensure your hair looks soft but still polished.

Have inspirational photos of makeup and hair you love and of what you DO NOT like. This will help our artists know what you are envisioning on your special day. Everyone’s definition of “natural” is so different.

Those are great tips, especially about bringing photos of what you don’t want! As a wedding designer, I agree with you  – everyone interprets things so differently! Don’t get me started on terms like “classic” or “timeless”.

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Tell me about some common mistakes, or things a client should avoid doing before their appointment?

A common mistake clients make is washing their hair the day of the appointment. As much as you may think your hair will dry, some hair types retain moisture more than others. Please make sure to wash your hair fully, avoid conditioning your hair the night prior, and blow dry it fully. 

Another thing to avoid is going to sleep with it damp, or putting it in a ponytail. This can cause delays to your completion time with your artists, not to mention cause your hair to get frizzy and not hold a curl.

Those are great tips! I’ve never heard to avoid conditioner the day before – I’ll be keeping that one in mind!

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One last question before we go, but maybe the most important – how can brides and other clients book with you?

The best way to book with Lilly Bridal Artistry is to start by filling out our form on our website.

We have all the questions we need to know on there in order to send a full proposal to your inbox. Our proposals contain a full breakdown of services and fees, your contract to read, fill out, and sign, and an invoice to pay your retainer. Once all of that has been completed, your date, service counts, and artists will be secured on our calendar!

We will touch base with you 2-3 months before your event date for your trial preview with your artist. This will ensure that you get to meet who you’re going to spend your big day with, and get to know and feel their personality. We will send a timeline 20 – 35 days out from your wedding day and a preparation guideline reminder before your big day as well. We want everyone to feel ready and prepared. Communication is a BIG key factor for us.

Lilliam, thank you so much for partnering with me for this blog, and making sure our clients are set up for success before their hair and makeup trials!

If you’re looking for a hair and makeup. artist in Galveston, Houston, or the surrounding areas, be sure to reach out to Lilliam on their website and follow along on Instagram!

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June 22, 2024

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial | Tips from a Houston Hair and Makeup Artist

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