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blue wedding dress and cape

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After their ceremony in the once-was pilots lounge, L&H shared a family-style meal with all of their loved ones in an open-air hangar. Lesley’s custom blue gown and cape was a breathtaking statement against the Hill Country backdrop

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With the new year came a new milestone for Water to Wine Events. We have partnered with Galveston Historical Foundation as the “Expert Planner” for events taking place at the Galveston City National Bank building. We are so excited for all the couples having their weddings with us here!

Galveston wedding couple in elevator at hotel galvez

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No matter why you fell in love with your wedding photographer – their style of editing, composition, or their ability to capture beautiful and emotive candids – it’s likely that the work you’ve been admiring is NOT the product of an extensive, and frankly restrictive shot list from their clients.